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COVID-19 safety precautions have been implemented in our warehouses. As a result, you may experience delays in our estimated shipping and return processing times. We are committed to the safety of our associates and the satisfaction of our customers, and we are doing everything possible to ensure both.

We appreciate your patience at this time, and we will keep you informed of every step in your order’s shipping or return progress.

COVID-19 related Supply Chain Issues Statement:

To our Valued Customers:
The entire global supply chain continues to experience immense pressure because of stresses caused by COVID-19 and related transportation issues. Consumers and businesses alike are finding it more difficult to get the products they want as quickly as they once did. The most trying part about dealing with a global economic situation like this is that almost every type of product in every type of market is feeling the effect of product shortages and delays. Please know SwimWestUSA is working hard to provide you with the products you need as quickly as possible.

At a high level, there are many issues causing supply chain backorders. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in worldwide factory shutdowns followed by high demand for products. As demand for products increased, the need for
shipping containers increased so much that many businesses couldn’t find containers in which to ship their products. In this situation, not only do customers have to wait longer for distributed goods, but manufacturers can’t acquire the materials necessary to produce products, further extending the shipping times for manufactured goods.

Compounding the shipping issue, ports across the globe experienced labor shortages as workers had to quarantine, fell sick, or left their jobs seeking other opportunities. That meant ships that were fortunate enough to be full of containers didn’t have the help necessary to offload their goods at the port, and today many of them float offshore for one to two weeks before they can obtain an open spot at the port.

The problem grew inland as railways and other shipping methods experienced the same labor shortages 
and cost increases. The lingering results of the pandemic mean delays in acquiring shipping containers, delays at the port,
delays in manufacturing lead times, and delays in delivery. No business is immune to these supply chain issues or associated logistics costs. We reserve the right to replace some product on orders if we feel it is identical or very similar for the effectiveness required by the end user.

Thank you.

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